The things Trump called ‘monster’

Terrorists, dictators, mass shooters, gang members, deadly natural disasters and… Kamala Harris. These are the things President Donald Trump considers “monsters”.

In his first live television appearance since being hospitalized with COVID-19, Trump raged for nearly an hour on Fox Business Network Thursday, declaring his refusal to have a virtual debate with Joe Biden and suggesting the Gold Star families could have given him the deadly virus. Towards the end of the interview, the President focused his fury on Senator Kamala Harris, calling him a “monster.”

“This monster that was on stage with Mike Pence, who destroyed it last night by the way, this monster she says, ‘No, no, there won’t be fracking, there won’t be. ‘”The famous truthful president then complained,” Everything she said was a lie! ” Harris is “horrible,” “totally unfriendly” and “communist,” Trump added.

It turns out that “monster” is one of the most frequently used descriptors by the President among a very limited lexicon including words like “formidable” and “fantastic”. Trump has often used the word positively, approvingly describing TV ratings, turnout at rallies, the legislation he signed, economic growth, or the panic in the “deep state” after he fired FBI Director James Comey as “monsters.” The President also owns a golf course called The Blue Monster at his resort town of Doral, and in 2005 boasted to Howard Stern about his wife Melania’s “monster” pregnant body.

But the president also often deploys the word “monster” as a derogatory, bubbling over murderers, terrorists, killer storms, and now his rival’s running mate. Here is an almost complete list of what Trump considers monstrous:


“And the monster known as al-Baghdadi, the founder and head of ISIS, is dead.” –February 24, 2020.

“The animal known as Al-Baghdadi is dead and the entire ISIS caliphate is destroyed, and its terrorist empire, and he was indeed a monster, was totally demolished.” –January 9, 2020.

“We killed ISIS savage leader al-Baghdadi, who was responsible for so many deaths, including massive beheadings of Christians, Muslims and everyone who stood in his way. He was a monster. –January 8, 2020.

“Baghdadi was a savage, soulless monster who raped, tortured and slaughtered innocent people, including scores of Americans. –November 28, 2019.

“Baghdadi was a wild, soulless monster, but his reign of terror is over. –November 1, 2019.

“These savage monsters will not escape their fate, and they will not escape God’s final judgment.” –October 27, 2019.


“Soleimani was the Iranian regime’s most ruthless butcher, a monster who murdered or injured thousands of US servicemen in Iraq. –February 4, 2020.

“But Democrats are outraged that we killed this terrorist monster, even though this monster was behind hundreds and hundreds of deaths … But Democrats are doing everything they can to denigrate what we did with the hit on this monster . –January 14, 2020.

“We caught a total monster and took it out. And it should have happened a long time ago … We had a bullet on him, and I took it, and that picture was perfectly accurate. And that was the end of a monster. -Jan. 9, 2020.

“For 18 to 20 years he was a monster… If you look at his past, his past – he was called a ‘monster,’ and he was a monster. And he’s no longer a monster; he is dead.” -Jan. 7, 2020.


“These are not the actions of a man. Rather, they are monster crimes. “-April 13, 2018.


“On Saturday August 3, at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, the soulless, sectarian monster killed 22 innocent people and injured 27 others.” –September 9, 2019.

“Then, in the wee hours of Sunday morning in Dayton, Ohio, another twisted monster opened fire on a crowded downtown street. He murdered 9 people, including his own sister, and injured 27 others. “-August 5, 2019.

“The Parkland High School monster in Florida had many red flags against him, and yet no one made a decisive decision. –August 5, 2019.


“There was one case where we had a huge snowstorm, and it was almost frozen over. It was like a monster storm, I don’t even know how I got there. –September 26, 2019.


“They want to abolish the agency that eliminates violent predators, drug dealers, murderers, MS-3s, monster gang members.” –24 August 2018.


“Three years ago, the weekend of July 4, [NYPD] Detective [Miosotis] Familia was on duty in her vehicle when she was ambushed just after midnight and murdered by a monster who hated her only because she was wearing the badge. —Aug. 27, 2020.


“You have to check out the swine flu because it was peanuts versus that monster. “This monster is the worst thing that has happened in this world since 1917. Where there could have been a hundred million people have died. —Aug. 17, 2020.

“We realize how strong children are, right? Maybe it’s their immune system that’s a little different. Maybe it’s just a little louder, or maybe it’s a lot stronger. Right? It could be much stronger. We learned a lot from watching this monster. ” —May 6, 2020.

“That horrible, dark time that this – that monster come in and put his horrible, horrible spell on the world. 184 countries this morning. ” —April 10, 2020.

“We need the reserve so that we can immediately move them from place to place, wherever the monster hits. It’s a monster… It’s a monster that we are fighting. —April 7, 2020.

“Wherever this monster goes, we can move with it … [the states] much more [PPE], depending on the destination of that monster. “-April 6, 2020.

“So this morning, 182 countries are attacked by this monster.” –April 5, 2020.


“Finally, Liddle ‘Adam Schiff, the leaky monster of unchecked, now blames the Obama administration for Russian interference in the 2016 election. –February 18, 2018.


“In a way, he’s a monster, okay?” Look what happened, look at his story. In another way, she’s a weak person, she’s not actually strong enough to be president. –August 5, 2016.


“But every year it’s the same, and this one is very important. That’s a number of big ones. You put them together, and he’s – he’s a big monster. -Seven. 14, 2020.

“We say ‘God bless you’ to those who were killed in this horrible fire, because it is a series of fires. You put them together, and he’s a big monster, Gavin. -Seven. 14, 2020.

“I’m leaving from here to California, to see some of our great people who are doing such a good job with these monster fires they have.” -Seven. 13, 2020.

“Brock, maybe you could do a little presentation on how we’re going to stop the rest of this monster.” -Nov. 17, 2018.


“[Hurricane Laura] came very quickly. He come – actually, I guess you would say, Pete, they considered it a storm, and all of a sudden the storm turned into a monster. —Aug. 29, 2020.

“[Hurricane Dorian] really started to form and get big, and now it looks like it could be an absolute freak. We are ready.” –29 August 2019.

“For example, Florida received $ 12 billion and Texas $ 39 billion for their monster hurricanes.” –May 16, 2019.

“[Hurricane Michael] started very innocently a week ago. It was a small storm in an area they had never thought of. They said he had become a monster. -Oct. 10, 2018.

“When that big monster comes in – in this case, Texas. And it was happening. They’ve never seen a dump of water like this, I think, in history, in terms of water coming down. –June 1, 2018.

“I mean the bad news is that [Hurricane Irma] is a big monster. But I think we are very well coordinated. –September 10, 2017

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