The Trump Jr. Slam That Cracks Everyone

Now that election day 2020 has arrived, the children of President Donald Trump have spoken out on the election results, defending their father’s choice not to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden and attacking the media. Donald Trump Jr. has been particularly vocal on social media, and although his fans are retweeting his comments on Twitter, some people are clapping in a pretty funny way. In case you’ve been part of some sort of media clean-up over the past two weeks, election officials have widely understood that Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election. However, the Trump administration has fought back against the results, claiming that there had been electoral fraud – although there was no evidence of this – and promising to wage a legal battle after a legal battle so as not to abandon the office on January 20, 2021. According to insiders of the White House Trump’s relatives are divided over what he should do, but his sons are steadfastly on their father’s side when it comes to fighting the election results – meaning they are also the target of jokes on social networks. On November 15, Don Jr. retweeted a days-old tweet from Nate Silver, the editor of the Five Thirty Eight blog, which focuses on polls. Silver was chatting with Chris Hayes of MSNBC about the accuracy of polls in the 2020 election. He wrote: “There’s actually not a lot of evidence that polls are getting less accurate. They may have had their way. best year in 2018. Survey errors for 2016 and 2020 were slightly worse than average, but within a fairly normal range. ” Trump Jr. responded to the tweet, writing, “We understand you’re trying to save a very lucrative career in the polls, but it’s getting ridiculous.” Referring to President-elect Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration and the end of the Trump administration, Silver wrote in response, “I will still have a job on January 21, however.” Most officials and media agree that Biden and Harris won the election and will be inaugurated in January 2021. Yet the president continues to make false statements about electoral fraud and to wage fruitless legal battles so as not to concede the election, and her children are divided over whether it’s a good move or not, according to a CNN report. Ivanka Trump, along with her husband Jared Kushner, reportedly advised her father to concede the election and move on. Don Jr. and Eric, meanwhile, encourage him to fight to the end. Just days after the election, Don Jr. tweeted: “The best thing for America’s future is [Donald Trump] to go to all-out war on this election to denounce all the fraud, cheating, death / more voters in the state, which has gone on for far too long. The tweet was flagged by Twitter for alleging false information about the election, which didn’t make him too happy either. Junior tweeted in response to the report, “Twitter is censoring and reporting this of course, why wouldn’t we want to “Don’t we know if these things exist? If they don’t, we won’t find anything and maybe people could regain some confidence in the process that doesn’t currently exist.” Right after the election, Don Jr . berated fellow Republicans for not supporting his father as much as they could. He said: “The utter lack of action of almost all of the ‘2024 GOP [Republican] hopes ”is pretty amazing. They have a perfect platform to show that they are ready and able to fight, but instead they will curl up in front of the media crowd. Do not worry [Donald Trump] will fight and they can watch as usual! Eric Trump, also tweeted in defense of their father, asking, “Where are the Republicans!” Have a certain backbone. Fight this fraud. Our constituents will never forget you if [you’re] sheep! “While they may become the butt of social media jokes for their tweets, no one can say that Don Jr. and his brother Eric don’t have their father’s back. Watch the video to learn more about The Trump Jr. Slam That Everybody’s Falling! #Trump #TrumpJr Read the full article :.

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