“The truth is racism runs through US history” – Harvard email to stakeholders appears to have been written by BLM

Harvard University sent an email in response to the recent deaths of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright. In it, the University discusses these recent events in a one-sided rant that appears to have been contracted out to Black Lives Matter.

The email, signed by a series of university officials, including the president and many deans, hints that black who are innocent due to the color of their skin are being singled out by police and .

No words can capture the pain, fear, anger and sorrow felt over these tragedies by so many in our community, across the country and around the world. It is appalling and unfair that the people of our nation, because of the color of their skin, are at greater risk of being killed in an encounter with the police if they drive with an expired tag or a blown taillight, if they stop driving, if they somehow arouse the suspicion of a store clerk, or if they return home just from a family dinner.

It is truly shocking that this once great institution has been taken over by such ignorant, biased and unimpressive thinkers. They ignore the virtues of our police officers, the good deeds in which they participate every day across the country, their courage and their love for their communities and their fellow human beings. Harvard ignores our men and women in blue who stand up every day and protect the communities and people of this great country.

Instead, Harvard insinuates that all cops are fanatics, not seeing their fanaticism in saying so, and ultimately denigrating these great officers and this great country. Their post also states that this great country is and always has been racist:

Harvard’s motto, Veritas, demands a commitment to the truth. The truth is, racism runs through the history of the United States and continues to have deadly effects on people of color in that country today.

What sick people. Are they going to look at themselves in the mirror and see their racism? Who even thinks like these people? What are they teaching our children?

The America I grew up with is not the America pulled by the Obama / Biden administration. Racist individuals claim that America is racist, oblivious to its own actions and thoughts.

Why is Harvard ignoring the murders and billions of dollars in property damage caused by BLM and Antifa in the past year alone? What are these Harvard people afraid of? America is better than this.

Here is the email sent by Harvard:

Email from Harvard University by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Our universities have been taken over by mad Liberals. It will take time, but the -willing America will someday return, hopefully not in the distant future, to knowledge-based education and our institutions will once again become rewarding based on merit.

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