The United States will have 40 million vaccines by the end of the year at no additional cost

On 11/18/2020, a panel of Operation Warp Speed ​​officials gathered in Washington, DC, provided reporters with an update on the vaccine. They are Army General Gustave F. Perna, chief of operations for Operation Warp Speed; Secretary of Health and Social Services Alex M. Azar II; and Dr. Moncef Slaoui, Chief Advisor for OWS. The United States will have 40 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna by the end of the year, according to Alex Azar. Azar also said vaccines from both drugmakers could be ready for authorization and distribution in the United States within weeks – another sign that initial vaccinations could begin as early as next month. “By the end of December, we expect to have about 40 million doses of these two vaccines available for distribution pending FDA clearance – enough to immunize about 20 million of our most vulnerable Americans,” Azar said. “Production, of course, would continue to increase after this,” Azar said, adding, “We have been laying the groundwork for distribution and administration for months.” The HHS secretary said there were four main tasks needed to get the manufactured product to Americans safely in order to save lives: allocation, distribution, administration and continuous monitoring, and data work. . “We learned a lot of the basics from these efforts and covered the major costs,” he said. “We paid for the vaccines. We have worked to ensure that [administrative] costs will be covered by private insurers and the federal government through Medicare, Medicaid and our COVID-19 cost coverage program for the uninsured. Azar stressed that no American will have to shoulder the cost of obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine. “We have purchased ancillary supplies such as needles and personal protective equipment and assembled them into kits that we will match with the supplies. vaccines as they are distributed.This overall task is a partnership between the federal government [agencies] including Operation Warp Speed ​​and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and the 64 state, local and territorial public health jurisdictions with which the CDC works on public immunization programs, “he said. Slaoui said OWS officials were very pleased with the progress made in less than 10 months after the start of the pandemic. development of two vaccines which show about 95% effectiveness, two other vaccines are also showing promise, he said. “We are working with the FDA and the CDC to put together a very, very high performance active pharmacovigilance system that looks almost like the day-to-day assessment we do in clinical trials to look at the safety of vaccines in the population, as vaccine vaccination is rolled out later in December – if the vaccines are approved – and these data will be analyzed on a [day-by-day] “said Slaoui.” We’re going to take an America-wide approach, Perna said, adding that it’s the collective group that will ensure success. The distribution of the vaccine will be based on fair and equitable availability of the vaccine in proportion to the population, he noted that collaboration and planning with national pharmacies CVS and Walgreens has been carried out, Perna said. “We are bringing this Pan American approach from government to industry, and we are bringing it all together to ensure that safe and effective vaccines are delivered to the American people in a timely manner,” Perna said. “[As for] At the time associated with delivery, we will begin vaccine distribution within 24 hours of the approval of an emergency use authorization, and only after science has determined and approved it accordingly. Then we are ready and ready to start distribution. “.
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