The ‘urban war’ as the second European wave spirals out of control

ROME – Hours after the regional governor of the Italian region of Campania, where Naples is located, announced that he would lock down the entire province to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Neapolitans took to the streets on Friday evening to challenge order. The situation quickly turned into what one police official compared to an urban war with protesters lighting dumpsters and dodging tear gas fired by police. All the while, the largely maskless, screaming crowd has undoubtedly spread the coronavirus even further.

Europe is totally out of control when it comes to its second wave, with each nation in the 27-member area battling in a race against time as hospitals fill up and the death toll – which is significantly lower than the first wave so far – continue to increase. Millions of people face tough new restrictions as governments play what is like hitting a mole to try to stop the spread of the virus they thought they’d conquer just months ago. Improved testing in many countries has painted a clearer picture of the extent of the pandemic, but due to the number of new infections, contact detection systems have been overwhelmed, making the spread beyond control.

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