The US Military Academy has a bigoted curriculum

Republican MP Michael Waltz is looking for answers from the US Military Academy whether or not racial theory is included in the class for West Point cadets.

In a letter to West Point Superintendent Darryl Williams, Waltz said he had become aware of information from “unexplained soldiers, cadets and families had serious concerns about the introduction of elements of racial theory into cadet classes by the US Raise Army “.

“While we should always stamp out extremism of all kinds from our ranks and never tolerate , I am alarmed that this doctrine, which focuses our future leaders on races that undermine unit cohesion, is destroying morale and the preparedness of the population Armed Forces, ”says the letter.

“We had a quick phone call, he assured me that they would take care of it and assured me that I would get a more formal response as soon as possible, detailing what and why is being taught,” he told the Washington Examiner. “We’ll keep pressing and get to the bottom of it.”

All of this comes after Waltz received evidence of a West Point lecture entitled “Understanding White and White Fury.”

“That goes way too far,” he said in one Fox News Interview. “One of the things that worried me so much, as a member of the Armed Forces Committee and as a combat veteran, is when you join the US Army … you are all the same from day one.”

“You are told the only color you should worry about is camouflage … the enemy’s bullets don’t care about black, white, or brown, or political party, or race, or religion, or any of that.” And we shouldn’t bother with that either, as we are teaching the future leaders of the US Army, ”he added.

Indeed, racial theory promotes the idea that is everywhere and therefore encourages people to look for it. It serves to continuously structure and maintain inequality while at the same time enabling racial identity politics.

Our military has a mission: to protect this country. If they are taught to hate this country, how are they supposed to fight for it?

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