The vaccine feud between the EU and the UK

One of the issues discussed on Friday The world this week was the escalation – and seemingly never-ending – of disputes between the UK and the EU in a post-Brexit world.

Their most recent quarrel? A blame game on the AstraZeneca vaccine, with the EU threatening to block imports to its former member on the grounds that the British have not reciprocated with their own vaccine deliveries to the continent.

“This is one of the many examples of post-Brexit diplomacy, or perhaps a lack of diplomacy on the part of ’s government in London,” Patrick Smith said of The Africa report. “Whenever it comes to dealing with Europe, the points level, as if to take every opportunity to say, ‘Brexit is working; it works in favor of Britain as a nation. “”

Vivienna Walt, of the magazine, described the vaccine feud as one of many “testing moments” with global implications.

“We are at a when the institutions of the world are being tested,” she said. “We will pay the consequences for many years to come.”

The UK isn’t the only country to have been criticized for its AstraZeneca exports – or for the lack of it. The United States has also come under fire for hiding millions of doses of AstraZeneca that it may not need as developing countries around the world struggle to get doses.

“I think it makes no sense that we have millions, millions and millions of doses of AstraZeneca, just hidden – that might expire – that we don’t even need,” said Noor Ibrahim of The Daily . .

“We’re on track to our May 1 deadline and the US hasn’t even approved AstraZeneca yet. So I think it’s pretty shameful that we haven’t done more to share the doses. Especially for the countries that need it the most. “

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