‘The View’ detonates Texas Trump trailer, ‘shallow hypocrite’ Marco Rubio

Daytime talk show hosts View Monday tore up the pro-Trump trailer that nearly knocked a Biden campaign bus off the road in Texas over the weekend, claiming it was a reminder Burning Mississippi while criticizing Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for parroting President Donald Trump’s endorsement of the bullying tactic.

Over the weekend, a convoy of Trump supporters surrounded a Biden-Harris bus on a Texas freeway in an attempt to stop it or get it off the road, ultimately leading the campaign to cancel their planned event . The president, meanwhile, praised the MAGA pilots, tweeting “I LOVE TEXAS!” while applauding them at a weekend rally.

Echoing the president’s glowing comments for the trailer, Rubio shouted “we love what they did” during a late-night Trump rally in Florida on Sunday night. “We do this every day in Florida,” he exclaimed, adding, “We thank all the great patriots.”

Direct here comments to the participants of the caravan, View Host Whoopi Goldberg said they “could have caused all kinds of havoc” and even “got killed” because the buses can tip over easily. She then compared the scene of a truck in the Deep South during the civil rights era.

“It looked like a scene from Mississippi Burning, ”Goldberg added, referring to the 1988 film about the 1964 murder of civil rights activists. “When trucks and cars surrounded people trying to drive.”

Liberal co-host Joy Behar, meanwhile, agreed with Goldberg’s analogy before mentioning the other pro-Trump trailers that clogged freeways over the weekend, wondering aloud if ” we are going to have a lot of violence in this country ”.

His host colleague, Sunny Hostin, then weighed in, saying the president had “emboldened” this behavior before confronting the president’s praise for the actions of his supporters with his rhetoric towards leftist protesters.

“And I immediately, Whoopi, thought, imagine the outrage of the Trump administration if this was a Black Lives Matter protest, imagine the difference in the reaction,” she said. “Right? Imagine that. Yet instead he calls the Black Lives Matter organization terrorists, but these people are patriots.

Co-host Sara Haines reportedly continues and says she couldn’t decide if she was “sadder or madder to see what’s going on here,” adding that her “heart pounding” every time she sees the clip. . Finally, Ana Navarro, a former Republican strategist from Florida, took aim at Rubio.

“When I saw Marco Rubio last night at that Trump rally, you know, Marc Rubio whom President Trump called little Marco Rubio, has now become Little Trump,” Navarro boiled. “I guess he took a break from his Bible verse tweets to mock and mock what people did with that bus.

“It put people’s lives in danger,” she added. “People could have been injured. It is an assault on democracy. Against people’s right to vote. It is suppression. It instills fear in people.

Navarro, his voice rising, concluded: “This is absolutely wrong and Marco Rubio, you who talk about socialism and who talk about dictatorships, laughing at this and shedding light on it, you superficial little hypocrite, I am so embarrassed that I never supported you! “

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