The View’s Joy Behar describes Trump Drive-by as “the reading book of something out of the dictator” – Dateway

President Trump’s motorcade past Walter Reed Medical Center looked like a dictatorial move, View Co-host Joy Behar said Monday.

The president held a parade of cars on Sunday to thank the thousands of fans who gathered outside the hospital to pray for his well-being.

“Well, when I watched this – I watch this car, the parade yesterday with him in the car – it was straight out of a dictator’s playbook,” Behar sums up.

“Scroll down the dictator so that the world and America, the country can see that he’s still alive and still strong.

The president’s decision to move in the motorcade has been criticized by the left, with many anti-Trump fears that they are putting the lives of members of the Secret Service at risk of contracting coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the president’s medics say he is making a full recovery and could be fired as early as Monday.

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