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In 2010, I started writing down my dreams, which led me to publish my book in 2020, Dreams: Exploring Uncharted Depths of Consciousness.


Allison Dubois – the dreaming mom

I am delighted to see that CBS Reality (available in the UK on the Freeview service) is relaunching this engaging series from ten years ago, Way. It stars the glorious Patricia Arquette as Allison DuBois, a character who appears to be the ordinary mom at the center of a typical American family. But Allison has a dark secret. She dreams constantly and in her dreams are the identities of wanted criminals, knowledge she tries to pass on to a skeptical police. Oddly enough, Allison DuBois is a real person and the books she wrote about her extraordinary life inspired the series.

His life in profile

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Dubois worked as an intern in a district attorney’s office before earning a BA in political science from Arizona State University. Long before that, when she was only six years old, in fact, she was aware that she had the ability to communicate with people who had left this life. When he first meets Gary Schwartz, director of a psychic phenomena research project at the university, he claims that she described a friend of hers who had just died. Therefore, he published his findings in his book, The truth about the medium.

Unmasking the villain

Subsequently, DuBois published his own book, Don’t say goodbye to them, on which the television series is based. The majority of episodes of Way are formulas. After a vivid dream, Allison wakes up next to her husband, wondering about the images she has experienced. Later that same day, she hears or reads an event that connects with the dream, and makes sense of it. Working closely with his local police department’s prosecutor, the dream sequence ultimately sheds light on what really happened and in either case, the villain is unmasked.

Average family life

On another level, Way is the story of family life. Engineer husband Joe – the one she constantly wakes up with her dreams – still supports her. And the duo are in possession of three beautiful daughters, the eldest Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva), Bridgette (Maria Lark) and the youngest Marie (played in turn by the Carabello twins). These young actors grew up around the developing series, and the screenwriter (s), aware that what we colloquially refer to as “second sight” is quite often inherited, sensitively attributes occasional psychic episodes to one of the girls. In a very funny episode, little Marie begins to show vision problems. But when Allison and Joe take her to the optician, she reads the alphabetical charts flawlessly. It takes several very funny examples to figure out that Mary is guessing the numbers on the card using her developing powers. But ultimately, she is equipped with a pair of stunning glasses.


In reality, Allison Dubois is not without the baggage which attaches to the practitioners of any esoteric activity. For example, she does not wish to be called “psychic” because of the negative connotations attached to this word. Additionally, a number of prominent scholars have denied that Allison actually has such powers. These include secular humanist Paul Kurz and another descriptor of parapsychology, Ray Hyman, who is also a critic of Gary Schwartz. The late James Randi, a former magician who had spent much of his time defying the antics of popular artists such as Uri Geller, claimed Allison’s divinations were due to cold readings.

The truth behind cold reads

What is it exactly? Cold reading involves the psychic or reader processing the verbal and non-verbal signals emitted by the subject he or she is channeling. There is nothing supernatural about it; humans are more alike than different, and the majority of us have no problem understanding the people we talk to about squirming and bleaching, nodding, shaking our head, and shrugging. A cold reader simply raises the bar, interpreting reactions to innocuous statements, such as “it’s gonna be a sunny day.” One person might howl with joy at this statement while another moaned contemplating the possible warmth and pain. On a darker note, fairground fortune tellers and variety theater artists have used this technique extensively to generate interest – and cash.

See the future

But if cold reading, as described above, can help identify criminals, then who can deny its power? My interest in Allison Dubois was sparked by these amazing dream experiences and as I watched the first round of the series, now over ten years ago, I wondered if my own dreams didn’t allow me, to at least a small way of entering the world of esoteric knowledge. It was this reverie that, in part, led me to keep a dream journal that ultimately led to my book, Dreams: Exploring Uncharted Depths of Consciousness, now published by Mandrake of Oxford. In it I describe how collecting and analyzing dreams is actually a way to access the brain power already in place. Alas, I haven’t caught a criminal yet but my admiration for Allison Dubois continues and I will follow her career for the foreseeable future.


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