There were two months of warning signs before the MAGA Mob Capitol riot

Law enforcement officials say the MAGA mob’s attempt to take over the Capitol and wreak havoc took them by surprise, but it shouldn’t have.

Protesters flocked to Washington, DC on January 6 because, in the feverish imagination of the MAGA world, it represented the last chance to keep President Donald Trump in power. The protest was aimed squarely at putting pressure on members of Congress and the vice president to reject the reality of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and disrupt the electoral vote count. What brought the rioters to Washington and torched them was only happening in one place – the Capitol.

Even though law enforcement couldn’t deduce that the Capitol would be the target of activists known to be violent, there were plenty of other clues – on social media, in activists’ mouths and in tweets. from the president himself – this indicated that the protests would not be peaceful and would focus squarely on the Capitol.

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