These Lululemon shorts are comfortable and perfect for training at home

I work at home. I exercise at home. Sometimes I even live at home. Since I rarely leave the house, my athletic shorts need to be comfortable and just as good for bodyweight exercises as they are for the Sopranos 6 hour marathons.

While working from home, I adopted Lululemon’s Linerless THE Short 7 ”because I squeeze in a bit of cardio between conference calls. Even though I’m a guy with thicker thighs, the shorts work great for my variety of home exercise attempts. Whether it’s yoga, kettlebells, or an abdominal routine I’ve seen on Instagram, I always wear THE Shorts.

There is no replacement for getting yucky and sweaty in my local gym (I was this dude in your spin class got drenched), but I decided to keep training at home during the pandemic, and these lightweight shorts are helping me stay motivated. My kettlebell might now be a bottle of laundry detergent, but I still crave a quality burn during my workouts.

It can be quite difficult to to a regular workout schedule these days, especially when so many aspects of our life seem irregular right now. Over the past few , I have learned more about how my mental and physical are closely related. On days when I’m feeling demotivated and sluggish, reaching out to a supportive friend and discussing our long-term exercise goals can help me have a better frame of mind.

THE Lululemon 7 ”Linerless Short is available in many colors including black, navy, olive and more. Featuring a split hem that allows for a wide range of motion, these shorts are ideal for any home exercise you are currently doing.

THE Short 7 “Linerless

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