These Trumpist terrorists just violated six federal laws

In a legal society, where our laws were applied fairly to all, the armed terrorists who rocked the nation, attempted an insurgency and forcibly occupied our Capitol would be thrown in jail for decades.

Specifically, these terrorists (they are not protesters; they are not rioters; they are terrorists, insurgents and traitors) violated the following federal laws:

  • 18 USC § 2385. Seditious conspiracy. If “two or more persons … conspire … by force to prevent, obstruct or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take or possess United States property contrary to their authority, “The penalties are fines and twenty years’ imprisonment.
  • 18 USC § 1361. Destruction of government property. If the damages exceed $ 100, the penalties are fines of up to $ 250,000 and ten years in prison.
  • 18 USC § 111. Assault on Federal Agents. Fines vary, 20 years imprisonment.
  • 18 USC § 351. Assault on Members of Congress. One year in prison.
  • 41 CFR 102-74.380. Create a hazard on federal property. The penalties vary.
  • 36 CFR 2.34 (and elsewhere). Disorderly conduct. 90 days imprisonment, $ 300 fine.

Will any of these charges be laid? The smiling, white, unmasked faces of these thieves – stealing podiums, breaking into offices, smashing windows – will they be identified and will the thieves be prosecuted?

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