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Donald Trump on Friday expressed suspicion about Democratic voting tactics in Philadelphia, urging his supporters to closely monitor any fraud.

“You have to be very careful in Philadelphia. They play games in Philadelphia, and they won’t let us watch count in Philadelphia, ”Trump said at a rally in Pensacola, Florida.

was probably referring to his ’s efforts to have at satellite election offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On October 9, a Philadelphia judge ruled against a lawsuit to allow poll at satellite offices where can cast ballots.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro also warned Trump on Thursday after filming Philadelphia depositing their ballots in drop boxes to watch for voter fraud.

Shapiro argued that tactic could constitute voter intimidation.

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Trump referred to the past election in Philadelphia where Republicans got very few or no votes at all. In 2012, Mitt Romney got zero votes in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions.

“So we’re watching Philadelphia… because I ’t like what I’m hearing about Philadelphia,” Trump said.

Of the 1,322,440 mail and in-person ballots, Democrats lead Republicans with 71%. Republicans have only 20%, while 9% are “other”.

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