Think’s Best Cold Brew Coffee

I’m pretty much a demon, and now that it’s hotter I’m a cream demon. Even though there are many ways to brew cold at home, here’s the problem: I’m lazy. and cafes do it better. Fortunately, Think , one of my favorite coffees, recently released its cold brew in a new format.

If you’ve ever seen canned wine, it’s the same idea. The comes in a sturdy plastic bag tucked away in a box with a nozzle. I like to keep it in the fridge for very cold iced , but it will keep until you open the spout. All you have to do is squeeze the nozzle, and it’s like having your own cold brew machine. , I’ll say it, is better than any cold brew I’ve ever made on my own, and I love the simplicity of it all – I have nothing to do, I just have to remember to Order it from time to time and again and my fridge stays stocked.

Each box contains 3 L of cold infusion, or 12 cups. It lasts me well over a week, and it’s so portable I can take it anywhere. Whether it’s the park, camping or even just working from home, I always have delicious iced coffee on hand. It’s delicious enough to be enjoyed on its own with a few cubes, but hey, a little oat milk never hurt anyone either.

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