This 2020 election drama has already played out in an episode of “ Veep ”

It’s like an episode of VeepIs a phrase that has been used too many times to count over the past four years, as the real-world political landscape resembled the marquee antics of the Emmy-winning HBO comedy.

Now, however, it’s really like an episode of Veep.

As several people have pointed out on Twitter, recent developments in Day 2 of the uncertain election results bear a suspicious resemblance to some plot points in the 2016 show’s fifth season arc, particularly in the episodes “Nev-AD-a” and “Mother”. “

Taking particular joy in dramatizing the madness that would arise from improbable political scenarios, this expanse of Veep the episodes recounted the consequences of an electoral tie from 269 to 269. In the episode “Nev-AD-a”, the outgoing president of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Selina Meyer, is optimistic about a recount of the votes in the State, believing that this could tip the election in its favor. She had won the popular vote, but it all boiled down to the Nevada electoral votes.

As the elections progress over the next two episodes, protesters stand ready to back Meyer’s candidacy. They alternately chant “count every vote” and “stop counting votes” as new information arrives, modifying their message according to the strategy that would be most beneficial to them.

When the news arrives that the missing military ballots will not be in her favor, Selina yells at her team to stop the recount she originally had started: “You are going to cancel this recount like Anne Frank’s Bat Mitzvah.” .

On Wednesday afternoon in the evening of Biden-Trump 2020 election limbo, the news was both painfully slow and maddeningly fast. But the comparisons with Veep came out in full force when NBC’s Steve Patterson posted a video protesters in Detroit chanting “stop the tally” outside a room where election officials were counting the votes.

As many have pointed out when labeling the similarity to Veep, pro-Trump protesters echoing the president’s call to stop counting votes were in fact acting against his best interests. If Michigan stopped the tally at that point, Biden, who led the way, would be declared the winner of his electoral votes.

“It’s so classic – Trump supporters are making weird performative demonstrations to try to get the government to stop counting legal ballots. But what’s amazing is that Biden is now winning in Michigan. So if they stopped counting, Biden would go to the state. Real 3D failures there, ” tweeted Washington post columnist Brian Klaas.

And as a close race left Nevada too close to be called on at sunset on Wednesday, experts stressed that if the state is called up for Biden, it could point his way to victory. And if Nevada chooses Trump, there is always – as of Wednesday night – a situation where, as in Veep, it could come down to a 269-269 Electoral College tie.

As it became clear that he could, as in Veep, all descend to Nevada, Veep Fans have also started sharing pictures and GIFs from the show’s “Nev-AD-a” episode.

And while the odds of electoral equality are not high, it is certainly appropriate that another Veep fan posted this clip of Selina Meyer reacting to the tie, and the fact that the day after the election, the American people still didn’t know who won:

“In a democracy like ours, it’s up to the people to choose their president, and that’s what you tried to do last night,” she said. “When you voted you had every reason to believe that no matter who won, this morning there would be a clear result and you would all know that I was going to be president or my opponent, for the next four years. However, this is not the case. It turned out that there is a virtually unprecedented link to the Electoral College, a somewhat obscure institution that many scholars believe we should eliminate … “

Circumstances could change at any time, but for at least a little while they became extremely Veep-ish. And that’s hardly an endorsement of the state of American politics and democracy.

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