This doc is so fed up with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s COVID failure he’s after his job

Dr Ervin Yen is angry with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic, so angry he thinks Stitt should lose his job.

And Yen intends to be the one who tries to take it.

While Republicans in other states have criticized governors for over-acting during the public health crisis, Yen, a 65-year-old anesthesiologist and former senator, is moving in the opposite direction. He is alarmed that the head of his home state has not done more as the coronavirus continues to ravage their state and is campaigning for the governor to challenge Stitt in the 2022 GOP primary, even though the governor has yet to say whether he will run. again.

“The more deaths I see each day, the more impressed I am with our government’s lack of response,” Yen told The Daily Beast.

The odds of winning are already long for Yen, who served a term in the State Senate and lost his re-election effort in a 2018 GOP primary after spending his time in power under fire for his work to increase childhood immunization rates.

“I’m sure if an election were held today he would have beaten me,” Yen said of Stitt. “Not many people know me in Oklahoma, but a whole bunch of people know the governor. But in two years, things could be drastically different.

Even though he can’t beat him, Yen is determined to try and influence Stitt’s approach to the pandemic.

In his campaign ad, Yen made it clear that the state “desperately needed a mask mandate covering all 77 counties”, later saying “it would save lives.”

“At least maybe I can help influence what (Stitt) does,” Yen said in an interview this week. “At the most, maybe I could be a governor and do great things for this state, especially the health of the Oklahomans.”

The governor’s office referred questions about the yen run and the governor’s criticism to a campaign consultant who then declined to comment, but added that “the governor has yet to announce his intentions for 2022.”

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