This GOP needs a serious dose of truth and reconciliation

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway / The Daily Beast

Republicans grappling with the fallout from this week’s failed right-wing insurgency on Capitol Hill and a sweeping loss of federal power face an immediate and existential question: Can the Grand Old Party be saved? In its current, Trumpified form, the answer is clearly no. The only way forward is to expel all the last vestiges of Trump’s corrosive legacy.

This was made pretty clear by Donald Trump Jr., of all people, at the “ Stop the Steal ” rally that would eventually turn into an insurgency in its own right. “This gathering should send a message,” he shouted. “It’s not their Republican Party anymore. It’s Donald Trump’s birthday!

Junior was right for once. Blinded by their desire for power and pushed further and further to the right by the media which capitalized on the fanaticism of far-right conspiracy theorists, the GOP mortgaged itself for the benefit of the Trump family. Now Trump has slapped eviction notices on everything that once resembled Republican values ​​and sent an army of powerful morons to intimidate elected officials he sees as insufficiently submissive.

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