This is not enough – we wanted a repudiation of Trumpism

Election night, I fell asleep around 11 p.m. My heart hurts, I slept on one of those restless sleeps you get on airplanes or in hospital rooms. I woke up trying to figure out if it was morning or even the middle of the night. I felt slightly sick, my eyes dry and red from this worst kind of restless sleep. I fell asleep defeated, worried that we were facing four more years of Trumpism.

It was quite a shock, as I was told in the weeks leading up to the election that I was to expect a blue wave. I was told the Democrats would take Georgia or North Carolina or maybe Florida. I was told that Texas was “at stake”. I was told that suburban women would save us, that the suburbs turned on Trump, that America was going to reject racism, stupidity, sexism, hate, anti-science rhetoric once and for all.

I was told the Democrats would easily take the Senate and add seats in Congress. I knew it was the repudiation of Trumpism that America needed. Suddenly, I was greedy! Should we be racing the courts, should we be making Mitch McConnell the Senate shoe shiner? Perhaps the AOC would take the seat of Gillibrand? Maybe not Medicare for All, but a public option seemed possible.

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