This is our very first coup attempt – and there is no doubt behind it

Trump has telegraphed that this day has been coming for years. The Republican establishment and the MAGA-friendly media were all involved in the plot.

Today’s violent coup attempt at the United States Capitol was instigated by the President of the United States.

It is scary to write and reread these words. But each of them is the truth. Today at noon, President Donald Trump stepped up his weeks-long efforts to undermine democracy in America by standing in front of a crowd of his supporters and calling on them to march to Capitol Hill while he was in session to certify his electoral defeat.

He stirred the crowd as he has been throughout his presidency. He spoke to the malcontents and the malcontents, to the racists and to the right-wing extremists, and he did the opposite of what the leaders are doing. He sought to promote division and confrontation. From cheerleading for white supremacists in Charlottesville to encouraging police officers to use force, identifying nonexistent threats from the left and encouraging crowds to hunt them down, Trump has telegraphed that this day has been coming for years. .

Polite members of the right-wing media establishment and Trump’s party shrug their shoulders. But when he told Proud Boys to be ready or turned into the Michigan militia’s national spokesperson even as they plotted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, he was announcing his intentions.

When he started warning of a rigged election, even in 2016, he had the insurgency in mind. As this year’s election approaches, he has done the same. Besides, he didn’t do it alone. The GOP and Fox News and Breitbart and OANN weren’t just apologists. They took up the cause.

Eighteen attorneys general participated in his efforts to challenge the election results. Batteries of lawyers peddled senseless and discredited conspiracy theories. And even though they lost in court, they did the damage Trump was looking for. They cast doubt on legitimate results. They created a fog in which millions of Americans became confused about what to believe.

So all the disinformation and inflammatory remarks, all the seditious plans and all the phases of the coup attempt to date have led to today. The Trump rally. The Trump crowd. Trump supporters attack democracy from both the House and Senate chambers. Trump thugs are storming the Capitol and attacking its history, traditions and the rule of law in America and everything the building stood for.

Today’s scenes were shocking. But they shouldn’t have been. They’ve been incubating since the day in 2015 when Trump stepped down the escalator from his sticky Manhattan skyscraper and inserted himself, unwanted, with nothing positive to offer the American people, into our political life.

How come the Capitol and DC police have not been so prepared for this is certainly a scandal requiring investigation. But the same is true for why so many of us weren’t prepared for it despite years of warning signs. Why have so many people ignored these signs? Why was the president not arrested at the first signs of breaking the law in 2016? When he obstructed justice? With each subsequent act of corruption? With every outrage? When he was arraigned and the evidence for serious crimes and misdemeanors was so clear?

The Trump mob that broke down barriers and breached the halls and chambers of the Capitol should be held accountable for every act of violence, every violation they’ve committed. But we must not lose sight of the fact that for every grotesque, shouted insult, threatening act of the infantry of the Trumpist “militia”, there was a corresponding violation of allowing, excusing, neglecting, authorizing, ignoring warning signs from the legions of GOP officials and their media maids. They also led this crowd. They fueled his fire. They violated what the Capitol stands for. They were part of the seditious plot. They were part of this first coup attempt in American history.

The greatest responsibility, of course, rests with Trump himself. The impunity his party gave him, the encouragement he offered even in the face of all his outrages, played a role in getting us to where we are today. But in the end, we wouldn’t be here without this monstrous, dangerous and unstable man. And therefore, we must recognize that we will not be safe until he is gone.

The leaders of his party should go see him and encourage him to leave as soon as possible. Given today’s events, the two weeks between now and Biden’s inauguration are significant and disturbing. We have seen how Trump and Trumpism endanger our system. For the survival of this system, it is essential that it be contained, that it be put in a position where it can no longer do any damage and that after leaving office, he and all those responsible for this nightmare be held responsible.

Because if the past four years have taught us anything, it’s that as long as Trump and men and women like him get the message that they can degrade and desecrate our democracy with impunity, they will. It is finally time for patriots on both sides to stand up and put an end to this insanity Trump-evoked, made possible by weak-minded lawmakers who have joined his plot and exacerbated by extremist mobs like the one that has invaded the one of our most expensive temples. of democracy today.

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