This is the Etsy Indian starter kit that keeps my takeout cravings in Bay.

Although I’m always down for a take-out night, nothing makes me happier than tearing up a bag full of Indians on weekend, because I can never get tired of tasty naan, daal or saagwala food than I order in a loop. But while a trip to my favorite Indian restaurant is just plain satisfying, I have misfortune of having to long distances for exotic food, as my favorite spot is a good 30 minutes from my house. restaurant’s delicious food (and generous portions) is definitely worth a visit. However, let’s face it: frequent take-out orders, as well as gas refills, are undeniably expensive.

In order to cut down on my food expenses, I was more than happy to add pescatarian version of Jaswant’s Kitchen Indian Feast Starter Kit (also available in omnivorous and vegetarian varieties) to my cart. price is higher than my average take out order, but with these spices on hand I can crush my take out temptation and they will outlast me leftovers.

Among the items included in the kit are aromatic spice blends, two packets of lentils and 15 printed recipe cards, which allow you to create different meals step by step.

Once the kit arrived, I tried making the kit’s daal masoor dish on a cold Saturday night, which is a red lentil soup full of mouthwatering flavor. Since I was new to Indian cooking I wanted to start with something small, just in case the smoke detectors go off, of course.

The Easy Dish Recipe Card has been very extremely helpful in allowing me to prepare this dish on my own, even as someone who can be a bit overwhelmed in the kitchen. Novice chefs won’t have to worry about messing up everything, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t even like to boil water without watching a Youtube video first (no judgment here).

Since each step is listed in its entirety, I was able to add lentils to the boiling water, flavor them with spices, and let everything simmer for 40 minutes, until the soup was finished.

Because the kit ensures you have most of the items on hand (except for the fresh cilantro garnish), I was able to skip a long prep time and instead, make a delicious soup (with lots of of leftovers) in less than an hour. time.

In short, even though I still have many more recipes (including dessert) to try out, there’s no denying that this Indian starter kit is ideal for the home cook who wants to hone their cooking skills and, of course, learn more about the exciting kingdom of Indian cuisine.

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