Three arrests made after billion dollar jewelry theft last year from German museum

It has been almost a year since Germany learned the shocking news that a billion dollars in jewelry had been stolen from one of Europe’s most prized historical treasure collections. Now, after a successful pre-dawn raid in Berlin, the daring thieves may soon face justice.

German police said on Tuesday three men had been arrested and two others were being chased, in connection with what has been described as the biggest artistic robbery since World War II. The crime, which made worldwide headlines last November, saw ax-wielding thieves force entry into Dresden’s Green Vault, located in the former royal palace Residenzschloss.

Surveillance video released by German authorities at the time showed intruders using axes to smash glass display cases in order to escape with more than a dozen priceless artifacts in gold, diamonds and other precious stones. The thieves – who allegedly escaped the scene in an Audi A6 – allegedly started a fire that led to a power outage in the palace, disarming the elaborate network of security alarms.

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