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A poll found that 74% of Americans say they are ready to get a COVID vaccination passport, if they are brought into the United States.

Travel news site The Vacationer revealed the results after polling 520 Americans over 18, with a margin of error of less than 5%.

Respondents were asked: “If necessary for travel, would you accept a passport or application for the COVID-19 vaccine so that airlines and authorities can verify your vaccine status and COVID-19 test results?” “

Almost three-quarters replied that they would be prepared to submit to such a document in order to travel and have to basic services.

The survey found that men are almost 8% more likely than women to accept a COVID-19 vaccine passport, with 77.73% of men willing to get one, compared to 69.96% of women.

The Vacationer notes that “based on the current census, the 74% figure represents nearly 188 million Americans aged 18 or older.”

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“Three in four people would agree to documents telling airlines and authorities their vaccination status and test results,” the websites note, adding that “in a time of privacy concerns, this is a percentage surprisingly high ”.

A recent report from NTD explains how the WHO is dismissed for an investigation into the origins of COVID in China.

Following this, the poll asked if Americans were willing to take the vaccine if it was necessary to do things specifically related to travel.

In each case, a majority said they would take the photo if it was dependent on being allowed to engage in the following activities:

However, when asked if they trust the vaccination enough to travel to high-risk areas, a majority of 56% said no:

The specter of so-called “immunity passports” is looming around the world.

Several European countries have already announced the rollout of vaccine passports, with the EU considering a “standardized” bloc-wide .

Having left the EU, Britain is reportedly not part of any standardized European , but has now confirmed that it is rolling out vaccine passports, despite previous refusals to do so.

Recently, the government of Ontario, Canada admitted that it is looking at “immunity passports” in conjunction with restrictions on travel and to social places for the unvaccinated.

Last month, Israel announced that citizens who receive the COVID-19 vaccine will receive “ passports” which will allow them to visit the premises and eat in the restaurants.

A litany of other government and travel industry figures in the United States, Britain and beyond have suggested ‘COVID passports’ are coming to ‘life back to normal’ ‘.

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