Timelapse of sunrise in DC as US watches the vote count

(Nov 6, 2020) FOR A CLEAN VERSION SEE STORY NUMBER: 4296251 The sun rose over the White House on Friday as the ballot count for the presidential election continued. Democrat Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in the Pennsylvania and Georgia vote count on Friday morning, moving closer to a presidency that depends on the outcome of close competitions in key battlefield states. Both races stayed too early to call as the votes were still counted. Neither candidate achieved the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House, although Biden has the edge after eclipsing Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan, two crucial Midwestern battlefield states. Biden leads Trump with nearly 6,000 votes in Pennsylvania and less than 1,000 in Georgia. It could take several days for the vote count to complete in some states, allowing a clear winner to emerge. With millions of ballots yet to be compiled, Biden has already received more than 73 million votes nationwide, the most in history. As Americans entered the third full day after the election not knowing who had won the race, concern about the outcome grew. As his path to re-election appeared to narrow, Trump was testing how far he could go by using presidential power traps to undermine confidence in the vote. On Thursday, he made unsubstantiated accusations of electoral fraud to falsely claim that his rival was attempting to seize power in an extraordinary effort by a sitting US president to cast doubt on the democratic process. The contest is still too early for the Associated Press to call it. Votes in the state are still counted. Learn more about AP Archive: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Tumblr: Instagram: You can license this story through AP Archive :.

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