Tired of Communist censorship? Here is a list of popular uncensored media options

From 100% Tired – Surviving the Purge: A List of Popular Uncensored Alternative Media Options

With the current media purge of conservative, libertarian, independent and non-established voices in high gear, we thought it would be beneficial to list some of the alternatives to every globalist media platform. This does not constitute official endorsement and this list is by no means exhaustive. So please come back to this article for additional sources from time to time.

The good news is that there are a lot of amazing options for staying connected to each other and to the news. Not all of them are as sophisticated as the multi-billion dollar companies you’re used to, but most are technically proficient and already have many users. Also, you might find that some of the platforms offer better functionality than the legacy media you are leaving.

We think this list is a good start in getting the message out as rational, free-thinking Americans on all sides of the aisle sever their ties to authoritarian anti-speech platforms. But, please leave your favorite additional media sources in the comments so that others can stay connected.

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Parler: Parler is a Twitter clone run by free speech advocates. Last night, Amazon removed Parler from its servers. They are now being sued by Parler who claims their decision to remove the Free Speech Company from their servers was politically motivated. Dan Bongino, an investor in Parler, says it will be up and running again later today on different servers.

Here’s a post from Parler CEO John Matze on how big tech bullies are trying to crush alternatives to free speech.


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Clouthub: It belongs to a curator. According to its website, CloutHub is an unbiased platform. We support freedom of expression and protect your privacy. We do not explore, track, or sell user data. We are not removing your scope or manipulating what you see. We empower our members to influence the issues that matter to them.

Facebook Messenger:

Telegram Messenger: Telegram offers end-to-end chat encryption and a range of features beyond that of Facebook Messenger that promote community growth and large file downloads. However, it should be noted that some people believe he has ties to Russia. Also, Telegram’s best encryption is opt-in, not automatic, which means you need to specifically select “ secret encrypted chat ” in order to get the most secure communication. It also has a desktop version to make it easier to send SMS from one computer to another.

Signal: Signal is highly recommended and is considered the safest SMS app. In addition, it has other features and seems to allow larger file transfers than normal texts. It also has a desktop version to make it easier to send SMS from one computer to another.

Discord: is not specially encrypted, but offers communities and servers that are not part of Facebook. It also has a desktop version to make it easier to send SMS from one computer to another.


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Google search:

Duck Duck Go: A search engine that doesn’t seem to censor or manipulate the results of search engines like Google. Unlike Google, it also says that it doesn’t store your data like Google does. Try searching for political stories on DuckDuckGo vs Google. You will see a difference in them, as well as some non-political stories which are also manipulated by Google.

Web browser:

Brave Browser: Brave claims to be “three times faster than Chrome. Better privacy by default than Firefox. Uses 35% less battery on mobile. It also supports Tor Browser on its desktop application, which protects you from prying eyes from the sites you visit. Its Brave content community is funded through Basic Attention crypto tokens and opt-in ads. These tokens can be purchased on crypto exchanges or obtained by choosing to see advertisements. It’s what sustains the Brave business rather than the harvesting and stealing of all your user data. These tokens can also be given, if the user chooses, to the content creators on the websites they like. Unlike Google, Brave also says it doesn’t store any of your data.

Fox News:

One America News

New Tang Dynasty

Right-side broadcast network

Epoch Times (semi-paid)

Blaze TV (paid)

America’s real voice and war room pandemic


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