Tony Blair advises UK government on vaccinations, pushes ‘COVID passes’

Former Labor Party leader and former Prime Minister Tony Blair is said to have advised UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the country’s vaccine response.

Thirteen years after leaving government, Mr Blair has made a sort of ‘throwback’ on the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

the Sunday Times reported that the former globalist left-wing Labor leader provided “strategic advice” to the theoretically conservative government on the vaccination regime.

Blair is also said to have given advice to NHS testing and traceability system chief Baroness Harding, as well as Steve Bates, a member of the vaccine task force who was previously a Labor Party adviser.

Mr Hancock did not deny that he was advised by Blair, saying, “I speak to all kinds of people and we take ideas from many sources.”

Write in the Evening standard On Monday, Mr Blair said that a “acceleration of vaccination is paramount” while pushing for the introduction of a “Covid Pass”.

Blair said the requirement for a Covid Pass should “at least” be required “for travel and possibly for everything from attending an O2 concert to the FA Cup final.”

“This crisis is not ending soon, and the economic and health damage from a prolonged lockdown is frightening,” he wrote, saying it could take up to two or three years to defeat the virus.

Mr Blair first spoke in favor of so-called “health passports” in December, as a way to get back to normal.

“I know all the objections, but it will happen. This is the only way the world will work and that lockdowns are no longer the only course of action, ”he said last month.

Earlier this month, UK Reform Party leader Nigel Farage surprisingly called on the government to task Mr Blair with leading the vaccination campaign, saying: ‘We are in a national crisis and a government of all talents, including including Blair, makes sense. He seems to have a grip on this much more than the cabinet.

Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, Mr Blair has used his globalist good faith to get involved in the response, reassigning his think tank, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, to focus on the global response to the virus. .

In May, Blair’s think tank said it had teams “embedded in governments around the world,” calling for “dramatically increased technological oversight”, saying it was “a price to pay.”

Talk to The temperature Of a possible political comeback, a friend of the former Labor leader said: “Tony deeply believes, like many around him, that he left office at the height of his power. It has improved in governance over time. Ten years later, he is definitely driven by the burning feeling that British governance is inadequate. He feels he has the motivation and the ideas to change this.

The friend went on to say that after a decade of accumulating money in the private sector, “there is no shortage now and wants to restore its reputation.”

The former prime minister denied trying to make a political comeback, saying: “The only comeback I’m interested in is for our country to get back to normal as quickly as possible so that people can live their lives in safety and our economy can get back on track. “

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