Tooth marks on human leg bone found in Berlin park led police to suspected cannibal

Police investigating a chewed human leg bone found in a Berlin park have arrested a 41-year-old high school math and chemistry teacher on suspicion of sexually-motivated murder and cannibalism, German police say.

The victim has been identified only as Stephen T., a 44-year-old power line worker who disappeared after meeting the math professor on gay dating site Planet Romeo, Berlin prosecutors said on Friday.

An urban hiker found the leg bone free of flesh and other skeletal remains of the lineman on November 8. has not been published due to German privacy regulations.

The lineman disappeared from his apartment in Berlin’s Lichtenberg district on September 5, telling his roommate he was going to meet a friend. Police said the math teacher and lineman exchanged multiple conversations in a chat room on the Planet Romeo website. The website is not related to cannibalism, but is a popular hangout.

Police then used information from the website to find the home of the math teacher where they found knives, a bone saw commonly used by surgeons and a larger cooler, according to the German newspaper. Bild. Investigators also found 50 pounds of sodium hydroxide that can be used to dissolve flesh and body tissue. The suspect told police he planned to use the chemical to make soap.

Germany has prosecuted several cannibals in recent years, including a policeman who was convicted of murdering a man he met on a German cannibalism chat room in 2016, and the infamous Rotenburg cannibal Armin Meiwes who also killed and consumed a man he met online.

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