Top Democrat Valerie Jarrett defends deadly knife attacks by young women in black neighborhoods

 The standard for on police shootings has now shifted from criticism of the deaths of violent resisters to unarmed arrest to now criticism of police for shooting assailants armed as they are about to kill someone.

Prominent Ohio Democrats, NAACP and Liberal Blue Check attacked the hero cop for shooting black teenager Ka’Khia Bryant.

As Kristinn reported earlier – Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on Wednesday weighed in on the fatal police shooting of a black teenage girl wielding a knife, Ma’Khia Bryant, in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday afternoon, accusing the police for shooting Bryant to “interrupt a knife fight.” “Jarrett seems to have forgotten what Barack Obama once infamously said about knives and guns in a fight.

Valerie Jarrett then doubled down and defended knife fights in the black quarters.

Democrats now openly defend knife fighting in black neighborhoods.
And here we thought their racism had bottomed out with their black people being “too stupid to get ID”!

Going through Mike Cernovich.

The left defends knife fighting.

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