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Renowned constitutional, civil rights and tax lawyer Robert Barnes this morning tweeted a link to It presents itself as an archive for people to submit and review evidence of “irregularities” in the contested 2020 election.

At the time of writing, documents 69 separate incidents of electoral irregularities ranked by “importance” and “level of admissibility.”

The stated goal is to collect evidence for use in court, presumably by candidates in the 2020 electoral process.

From the website introduction:

Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 presidential election, it is a crowdsourcing tool to organize anomalies and issues. Our wish is that the electoral process be made more transparent so that there is undeniable confidence in our electoral systems.

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This is to bring together evidence that would be admissible in court, not news or updates on the general election.

The Trump campaign is now suing in various states after videos of poll watchers were denied, witness accounts of ballot stuffing and serious statistical anomalies have arisen, casting doubt on Vice President Joe Biden’s early return in the days following the November 3 election.

Democrats are calling on President Trump to concede the race and drop into allegations of electoral fraud or electoral irregularities.

However, as the national record previously indicated, this is a reversal of their position in a 2018 North Carolina voter fraud case.

It’s unclear who owns – the website says “Copyright © 2020 Here Is The Evidence” – but online records show it was registered on November 10, 2020 by an anonymous buyer. The first submission to the site was time-stamped on November 11.

When asked about his current job, Barnes appeared to quote attorney-client privilege in his weekly Sunday livestream with YouTube commentator Viva Frei, but admitted he worked in and suggested, “Well… follow the news!

Barnes, whose motto is “I fight for the underdog and I win the impossible,” is best known for arguing in high-profile tax and civil rights cases. In 2008, he helped Wesley Snipes crime tax burdens of over $ 23.5 million in alleged tax burdens.

Barnes currently represents 8 anonymous Catholic students from Covington suing the “most notorious individuals” who messed them up in 2019. Avoiding secret monetary settlements, his strategy is to create binding precedents that would cripple the capacity of media and public figures policies to defame non-public figures (especially children) in the future.

Barnes also made headlines in 2016 by winning $ 500,000 in a bet that President Donald J. Trump would win the presidency.

In 2020, Barnes always predicted Trump would win the 2020 election – “barring massive fraud” – during his weekly appearances on Richard’s “The People’s Pundit” Baris podcast.

Baris was recently recognized by the New York Post as one of the most accurate pollsters of 2016 and 2020. Baris also confirmed that just under 10,000 missing for deceased voters were received in Michigan in as part of a “small” test he performed.

Since the November 3 election, Barnes has brutally criticized the mainstream press for failing to report on evidence of widespread electoral irregularities and possible fraud.

On Sunday’s podcast, while remaining wary of his current clientele, he was careful to note that he is only able to give “publicly available” information about fraud in the 2020 election.

National File contacted Barnes and Frei for further background on Here Is the Evidence and whether they are involved in the project, but did not receive an immediate response.

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