Top tips for shoveling snow

Soon after purchasing our first home, my husband and I built up a long shopping list of home and yard supplies. In the end, keeping up with the pace of a property and yard (even a small one) requires a lot of tools. Having lived in apartments for years, it felt like we were starting from scratch. Our local Ace gear quickly became a second home. And because we closed in the dead of winter, some must-haves like rakes and a lawn mower could wait. But before we even moved in, we had to start clearing the sidewalk.

Our home, purchased during a very snowy winter in Minnesotan, came with a lime green SunCast snow shovel. But on one of my first trips to the store, I still bought a basic save set to add to the collection, this Garant 18 ” snow shovel.

The first reason for overtaking is the most obvious: I live with my husband and if we both shovel, it gets done twice as fast. The same is true if you live with a roommate or a child old enough to haul snow into the pile. Even if you live on your own, a second shovel is useful for persuading a friend or neighbor to come and give you a mitten hand (cookies and hot chocolate make good bribes, for the record).

But there are other advantages to buying two snow shovels before the winter season. Storing one on our porch and one near the back door means I don’t drag a dripping wet shovel through the house as I go from the front walkway clearance to the driveway digging in the back.

And while that hasn’t happened to me, even the best model can eventually break under the weight of wet snow (or burrow into the yard if the blizzard is big enough). Spending a few extra dollars provides an insurance policy against this scenario. There is some peace of mind that I won’t be stuck without a shovel in the middle of a snowstorm and it’s worth every penny the extra.

Garant Alpine Snow Shovel 18 inch Poly Blade

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