Top Voting Issues Reported at Polling Stations Across Country – Live Updates – Dateway

Election day has arrived, which means Democratic shenanigans are said to be in abundance at polling stations across America already.

For example, voters in Philadelphia capture polling stations displaying campaign material both outside and inside buildings, which is illegal.

Poll observers are also refused entry to polling stations.


The Philadelphia GOP has reported cases of people submitting multiple mail-in ballots across the state, a claim previously censored by Twitter.

In Bucks County, signs outside polling stations show Democratic candidates, but scramble Republican candidates.

In New York City, voters are reporting broken voting machines, with officials telling them their ballots will be “scanned” later.

In Alabama, a voter claimed that a polling station was handing out campaign materials in line to vote.


“All the voting machines are broken” in Spalding County, Georgia.

Meanwhile, the CDC has ruled that people infected with COVID can break quarantine to vote in person.

James O’Keefe strikes again! This time, the Texas authorities take note and can prosecute those he has been able to denounce for having committed electoral fraud.

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