Tory MP admits locked up parents since March so as not to burden the NHS – Dateway

A Tory MP admitted to keeping her parents ‘literally locked up’ since March, including parking her car in front of their driveway so they can’t get out, to keep them from being a ‘burden’ on the NHS.

Caroline Nokes, Tory MP for Romsey and Southampton North, made the comments during an appearance on BBC Politics earlier today.

“I’ve kept my parents locked up since March, literally locked up … at one point I parked my car over their driveway so they couldn’t get out because I’m absolutely determined that they will not increase the burden on our brilliant health service, ”Nokes said.

The MP had previously had her whip withdrawn because she tried to block Brexit before it was reinstated by Johnson.

Respondents on Twitter suggested that Nokes appeared to be more concerned about the NHS, which was not overwhelmed during the entire course of the pandemic, than the mental and physical health of her own parents, while others suggested that she even committed a crime. .

“Instead of blocking democracy, she now prevents her parents from leaving their home,” commented one of them.

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“As a psychologist, that must be a confession of abuse on the part of Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, right? another asked.

imprisonment is a crime! She needs to be questioned by the police and someone please check her poor parents! another pointed out.

“With that kind of warped, dystopian logic, maybe she’ll go this far and get them away from that deadly coil so as not to become a burden and ‘Protect the NHS?’ Another asked.



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