Trailer – The Endgame: The Quest to End Polio

The Endgame is a 30-minute documentary on the quest to vaccinate the world and finally eradicate the devastating disease, polio. Released in 2018, Endgame has drawn a new audience since the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything. Watch the full movie here: Since the first polio vaccine was administered in 1956, the fight to eradicate the virus has become the biggest peacetime mobilization in human history. The Strategic Plan for Polio Eradication and Endgame 2013-2018 was a long-term comprehensive strategy designed to create a polio-free world by 2018. It was almost successful, with only 33 new cases reported in 2018. To continue the extinction of the virus, we will have to vaccinate for about 20 years after the registration of the last case. But as the virus goes away, the vaccination case becomes more difficult to continue. This film follows a chain of seven people who each seek to answer their own pressing questions about the virus, how it affects us and how to make it go away. With: Lisa Hardin; Dr Sarah Marshall; Dr Anil Dutta; Dr Marie-Paule Kieny; Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala; Ann Lee Hussey; Grace Sadiku. Executive Producer – David Pearl Director – Tom Hickmore Producer – Cara Ghoshal Director of Photography – Franklin Dow Music – Lennert Busch Science Consultant – Dr Thomas Breuer Vaccine Consultants – Ivo Vojtek, Alberta Di Pasquale We dedicate this film to the millions of heroes hidden around the world world making polio a disease of the past. Produced by Pearl Group and Nice Media
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