Transgender daycare worker and YouTube star charged with possession of child pornography and child abuse images – Dateway

Kadence Kristine Pinder, 24, née Nelson Christopher Pinder, a popular YouTube star and babysitter cares for children at home, has been arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornography Images and Child Abuse . Police also arrested Pinder’s boyfriend, Marcus Strebel, 29, on the same charges.

Pinder was first questioned by police after Google filed a CyberTip claiming the transgender person had used their services to host child pornography. Initially, Pinder claimed they did not have child pornography in their possession and blamed her boyfriend, Strebel, Pinder said had access to the Google Account. Police said the Pinder investigation began in 2019 with Google’s complaint.

After being confronted, Pinder police that while the couple found individuals appeared to be young as they searched for pornography on the popular social media site Tumblr – which allegedly banned pornography from the site he years ago – they would have accidentally downloaded only images of minors. .

When police first contacted the couple, they voluntarily offered to let the police examine their phones to determine if they contained child pornography. The couple entered their home, from which they offer childcare services to young children, but after 30 minutes they reappeared and refused to their phones to the police. After police obtained a warrant, they say they found 125 images depicting child pornography on Pinder’s phone.

Local media report that “In an interview with detectives, Pinder allegedly confirmed that she was using email addresses associated with child pornography. Documents indicate that Pinder also confirmed that she used the phone number 385-401-7111 associated with the email addresses. “

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Strebel eventually denounced the police, said he admitted that he and Pinder had encountered child pornography “depicting children as young as three or four years old”, and again claimed to have encountered child pornography. on Tumblr.

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According to The Post Millennial, it appears Pinder and Strebel both work at the daycare operating from their home, which local media reports are owned by Strebel’s mother. The Post Millennial is also the first outlet to report that Pinder is transgender and biologically male.

The outlet also reports that “Pinder was also the subject of a previous Child and Family Services Division investigation into an alleged ‘practical’ sex offense against a child, but the case has been abandoned for unknown reasons. “

Prior to working with young children at Pinder’s boyfriend’s family home, Pinder was a transgender YouTube star, who used the social networking site to document their “transition” from male to female.

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