Travel back in time to New York City in the 1950s

IIt’s not just because all men wear hats or taxis are big, metal sedans – no, flipping through the images of photographer Ernst Haas of New York in the 1950s is weird because, well, there has so many people!

While today’s city may seem empty, the mere mention of it can still conjure up the best of what we love about cities before COVID: crowds, characters, energy, serendipity, food, and more. That’s why the latest pick from Just Booked, our series on beautiful travel-related coffee table books, is Ernst Haas: New York in Color, 1952-1962.

Published by Prestel, the book is an intoxicating dive into a bygone era. Haas, an immigrant from Vienna, manages to capture the mystique of the city even with the most mundane subjects. A foamed window for cleaning reflects the new style of the apartment buildings that stand around it. In the back of a car, a row of men’s hats is perched – which will soon disappear from everyday life. And Queens townhouses, in a range of drab yellows, blues, browns and reds, aren’t beautiful on their own, but there is beauty in such an image.

Haas was one of the most important photographers of the last century, especially for color photographs. A book that captures his ingenuity, as well as the remarkable New York City, is a welcome addition.

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