Trevor Noah announces bizarre Election Day shenanigans

On election night, The daily show was one of two late-night shows – with Stephen Colbert on Showtime – to be broadcast live. And host Trevor Noah, appearing alongside (increasingly intoxicated) correspondent Roy Wood Jr., appeared relatively calm in the face of the anxiety-provoking proceedings.

Halfway through the hour-long special, Noah addressed the various Election Day shenanigans that caused the vote counts to arrive late.

“Although this was one of the highest turnout in American history, the vote went surprisingly well. Good news. But there are some polling stations that had some hiccups, ”he explained.

The comic threw up a montage of reports detailing how hand sanitizer stained ballot ink and was unreadable in California; how the vote at State Farm Arena in Georgia was delayed by four hours due to a “water pipe burst”; and the vote was delayed at a polling station in Cobb County, Ga., because a poll official slept too long.

“Really? How is a survey manager going to sleep too much? You only had one job! It’s like running into the Easter Bunny in a bar on Easter Sunday and he’s like, ‘Oh Shit! That was today? “Noah snapped.” Politicians work so hard to deprive people of their voting rights with voter identification laws, gerrymandering, all they have to do is prepare the poll workers a rack of ribs the day before the election. I can’t believe this shit! Have you slept too long ?!

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