Trevor Noah brutally mocks Laura Ingraham’s ‘anonymous survey worker’

On Tuesday night, Fox News Trump Bootlicker # 2 Laura Ingraham, whose own brother believes to be “a monster,” conducted an incredibly suspicious interview with an anonymous woman claiming to be a poll worker in County Clark, Nevada. Molded in silhouette and with a comically manipulated voice, the woman was said to have witnessed ballots being tampered with at her location.

“I was walking, the Biden van was parked along that stretch… I could see these people handing over what appeared to be white envelopes,” the woman told Ingraham. “And the closer I got the envelopes were torn. There were two men – two people dropping the envelopes, and two people tearing them apart, turning around and facing the van and pulling on them – or marking them.

The daily showTrevor Noah of Trevor found this anonymous and unapproved person not entirely convincing.

“Seriously, I don’t know what it was, but that voice sounds like what a robot looks like when they go through puberty,” Noah joked Wednesday, adding, “I understand why that whistleblower was scared and they wanted to hide. their identity. I mean, vote cheats are among the most dangerous and violent criminals. “

Next, Noah introduced what he said was their own anonymous voting agent who witnessed voter fraud, casting the man in silhouette and distorting his voice, parodying the character of Ingraham.

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