Trevor Noah calls Democratic politicians ‘hypocritical’ for breaking COVID rules

Thursday evening, The daily show host Trevor Noah has aimed at an unlikely target: Democratic politicians.

You see, a number of Democratic politicians have recently been caught telling their constituents to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings while ignoring these rules themselves. Among the offending Dems, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who attended a group dinner at the chic French Laundry restaurant; California Governor Gavin Newsom, who was part of a group of 12 having dinner at French Laundry; and Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who made a video warning his fellow Austinites to “stay indoors” – but recorded it from a vacation timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“Oh man, come on! What about these Democrats? Noah asked, before imitating Adler’s message to the audience, “Here’s your mayor here, telling you to stay home and stay safe.” Do whatever it takes… All my boys at the pool know what I’m talking about! Say what’s up, everyone!

“I’m sorry, man. Everyone gave up their life and then you have these politicians who are just hypocrites here? He continued. “What, you think Corona respects your office too much to follow you?” Because remember: he got the President of the United States, he’s not going to be hit by Governor Hair Gel, ”he snapped, tossing a photo of Gavin Newsom.

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