Trevor Noah disgusted by Andrew Cuomo’s creepy kiss pic

In mid-February, The daily showTrevor Noah was one of the first late-night hosts to truly give it to New York Andrew Cuomo for his cover-up of COVID nursing home deaths, comparing his aversion to reality to that of the former president Donald Trump. And now, Noah is working hard on painting Cuomo’s series of harassment allegations. So far, two former Cuomo associates have accused him of making obscene comments and unwanted (allegations Cuomo has denied), and this week a third woman has stepped forward. The New York Times accusing her of assaulting her and trying to kiss her at a wedding.

After thanking Cuomo for his wedding toast about his friends, Anna Ruch, now 33, told the Times as Cuomo put his on her bare lower back. “When she took his away from hers,” Ms. Ruch recalls, “the remarked that she looked ‘aggressive’ and placed her hands on her cheeks. He asked if he could kiss her, loud enough that a friend standing nearby could him. Ms. Ruch was taken aback by the plea, she said, and walked away as the approached, ”reported the Times. Ruch says she was “confused, shocked and embarrassed” by this unwanted advance.

“Jesus, man! What are you doing? I mean, on the one , asking for women’s consent before kissing them is what you are Assumed to do, but the other part of the consent is waiting for them to respond! You don’t just grab them in the face like a bear pulling a beehive, ”Noah said.

To make matters worse, the deeply frightening interaction was captured in a photo of Ruch’s friend, showing the much older Cuomo (now 63) peeping and manhandling a terrified Ruch like she was a piece of meat.

“I mean, look at this photo,” commented Noah. “How can you not say that you are making this person uncomfortable?” If you do something to someone that turns it into [cringe] emoji, you are doing something wrong. And what’s so cheeky is that he does it right in front of everyone, in the middle of a wedding.

Additionally, the incident happened in September 2019 – so this is not an event in the distant past, but an event after the #MeToo movement took root, a Cuomo movement. at least claimed to support verbally in the past while doing things like opposing the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“If you’re a public official doing this sort of thing after the #MeToo movement, you just can’t help yourself or you shouldn’t be in office anyway,” Noah remarked. “So in light of these allegations, Cuomo now faces even more calls to quit. Although if these allegations anything, Cuomo doesn’t go away when you want to.

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