Trevor Noah tears Andrew Cuomo apart on ‘Daily Show’

“We need to talk about the political scandal that is shaking the country,” Trevor Noah said Monday evening. Daily show. For the first time in a long time, he was not talking about Donald Trump.

After a lengthy break-up of multiple allegations of harassment against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, including his defense that he was just trying to be ‘playful’ with his female employees, the host said, “Guys, of course. , he was a player! I mean, your much older, politically powerful boss turns to you and says, ‘When was the last time you really hugged? It’s super fun! Can’t you feel your skin teeming with pleasure? “

Getting more serious, Noah told viewers, “Here’s the problem: Even though Cuomo thought he was just ‘gamer’, it’s still not OK, okay?” He added: “This is what bosses never seem to understand. If you are a boss, you should never flirt with your employees. “

“So at the moment things are pretty bad for Governor Cuomo,” he said. “He is facing inquiries and even calls to resign. And you know it’s wrong when you’re the person in trouble and you’re like, ‘Guys, please remember all those people in the nursing homes that I have. killed? Let’s talk about it again! “

Noah even took a moment to lambast himself and “all those people who praised Cuomo so much last year,” joking, “These people really don’t look that now.

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