Trillion-dollar F-35 fighter program doesn’t make Americans safer – Dateway

Excessive spending on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program does not make America safer.

The president’s spending rests on the false assumption that more spending equals more security. More spending can even make America less secure by bankrupting us.

The F-35 program is expected to cost well over $ 1 trillion when fully operational and deployed. This massive investment will serve to enrich government entrepreneurs while giving interventionist politicians an offensive weapon of war. This program was created as a “too big to fail” system where once the government begins the process of making these fighter jets, it will have spent so much money that it cannot back down. The F-35 program is a bad deal for the taxpayer while promoting a policy that will make those same taxpayers less secure.

It seems that the massive amount invested in the program bought a lemon with a throw. The program was disrupted from day one and is currently experiencing some contract padding. On September 11, 2020, Bloomberg reported that “the Pentagon’s five-year budget plan for the F-35 is less than $ 10 billion, the Army’s independent cost analysis unit concluded, a further indication that the he complex fighter aircraft could be too expensive to operate and maintain. “The F-35’s plan for the next five years was estimated at” $ 78 billion for research and development, aircraft procurement, operation and maintenance, and dedicated construction for the F-35 built by Lockheed Martin Corp. ” This $ 10 billion mistake will fall on the shoulders of an already overtaxed taxpayer.

A big problem with this massive spending on a defense program is that it gives interventionist politicians the tools of war they desire. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program contains a number of versions of a stealth fighter aircraft that can engage other aircraft and conduct strikes. The goal is to use these planes as the main fighter jets for the Air Force, Navy and Marines. These can be used as offensive weapons in the hands of politicians who wish to engage in endless policies of war that have left the United States vulnerable to attack. This is a very expensive program that will not provide US citizens with $ 1 trillion in security.

Typical of government defense contracts, there have been numerous issues that have transferred a significant increase in costs to the Pentagon. Defense News recently reported that the contractor was trying to coerce the taxpayer over the cost of spare parts for the F-35. According to Blomberg, the taxpayer has received more bad news: “The total ‘life cycle’ cost of the F-35 is estimated at $ 1.727 billion in current dollars.” This is an amount of money for taxpayers and “$ 1,266 trillion is for operations and support of the forward aircraft which is a flying supercomputer.” Pressed by Bloomberg, a Pentagon spokesperson boasted that a Pentagon cost analysis office “forecast the average purchase cost of an F-35, including its engines, to drop from $ 109 million. forecast at $ 101.3 million in 2012 ”. Only in Washington would a bureaucrat boast of scamming American citizens for just under $ 8 million less as a deal for the taxpayer.

While some support this flawed program regardless of the cost and advocate spending more money on taxpayers, want $ 1.7 trillion spent at and not on a transnational defense spending program to defend other nations.

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The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is not worthy of a massive taxpayer investment when it doesn’t make America safer while being a poorly negotiated government contract that stuck the taxpayer with a bill massive.

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