Trump actually believes he can sell himself in the US as a COVID conquering hero

Having left Walter Reed Hospital after a three-day stay to recover from the coronavirus, President Donald Trump has begun, what assistants and confidants say, a new phase of the presidential campaign: an effort to make his illness an electoral asset.

The president’s stint at the military medical center may have raised serious questions about his political future and physical status, with medics giving him a trio of therapies and his doctor grateful that he’s not out of the woods yet. But during his absence from the White House, Trump spent his weekend frantically working on the phone, compulsively watching TV, and blatantly ignoring advice from his own public health officials.

“How does it play?” The president has interviewed several advisers and senior assistants since Friday, asking them about their views on how his diagnosis was covered by the press.

He was also plotting. And at the top of his mind, according to three people familiar with his private comments, was how to reverse the damage his campaign could suffer by being off the beaten track. Trump assured his confidants that he would be back soon, although he was not sure he could commit to doing so in the coming week. And he previewed what is set to become the latest of many 2020 Mail reboots over the past few months.

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