Trump aide Hogan Gidley insists Fox News is the “ most masculine person ever! ”

Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley wanted Fox News viewers to know on Monday that President Donald Trump does not feel “emasculated” by losing his beloved Twitter account, falsely declaring the president “the right person.” most masculine of all time ”to occupy the White House.

Amid a wave of social media and tech websites banning the president from their platforms after instigating an insurgent mob to violently storm the U.S. Capitol to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory, Fox News and conservatives have apparently focused more energy decrying the platform of those involved in the incitement than the riots themselves.

“Look, I think the president is frustrated with what’s going on with these censorship tactics,” Gidley said at the top of his interview with Fox News host Bill Hemmer. “I’m telling you, it’s so insidious. You can censor the American people, but you can never silence the American people.

Hemmer, meanwhile, asked Trump what the president thought about “Big Tech censorship,” impeachment, and a potential resignation, adding, “How did that go?”

Saying that he would not go into the “details” of his recent conversation with Trump, Gidley went on to say that the president is “angry” because the Democrats “promise to attack” even after he has left office when it comes to impeachment.

“This is clearly an effort to silence not only this president, but also to come after us as American citizens,” he grumbled. “They’ve been doing it for four years and it looks like, via their Big Tech buddies, they’ll be doing it the next four as well.

After Gidley said it “remains to be seen” what Trump will do in his final days in office regarding Big Tech, the campaign spokesman insisted the president “will step down. As he spoke of a peaceful transition.

“With the repression of social networks, does he feel emasculated?” Hemmer followed. “Especially when he leaves his office.”

“Look, I wouldn’t say emasculated,” Gidley responded before launching a typical Trumpian boast: “I mean, the most masculine person I think to hold the White House is the President of the United States!”

Trump’s aide also accused tech and social media companies of “systematic attacks” on Trump and his constituents, worryingly adding that “the American people have had enough of government overkill and you will see them. ramifications, I imagine. soon.”

Gidley, meanwhile, concluded by saying the president could create “his own entity” to compete with the big social media companies, which Trump alluded to after Twitter permanently suspended him.

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