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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spent most of the first presidential debate last week exchanging insults and interrupting each other. The result was a debate with very little discussion of actual issues or policies.

In one of the few substantive discussions of the evening, President Trump rightly criticized Vice President Biden for saying he would listen to “scientists” to determine whether to lock down the country. President Trump also acknowledged that the lockdowns were a bad overreaction that must end.

Sadly, President Trump again promised that Covid vaccines would be available soon. This raises the specter of a repeat of the swine flu debacle where a vaccine rushed into production for political purposes caused more deaths than the swine flu itself. President Trump has also raised concerns about mandatory vaccinations against Covid by suggesting that the military would be in charge of distributing the vaccines.

Vice President Biden vehemently denied he was a socialist, while defending increased spending, taxes, regulations, an extension of Obamacare and a modified “Green New Deal.” Biden might not see himself as a socialist, but if his economic plans were implemented, it would take America further down the path of socialism – and serfdom.

President Trump has also denounced socialism, while bragging about his own broad government policies such as tariffs, massive spending increases, and plans to maintain Obamacare’s “popular” provisions.

One subject that was not addressed was gun control. This may be because both candidates support Second Amendment infractions. Joe Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when it passed gun control measures such as the assault weapons ban and the “Brady Bill.” President Trump not only banned bump stocks by executive order, which President Obama refused to do because his attorney general correctly determined that the president did not have the authority to do so, but he enthusiastically approved “red flags” laws. These laws allow law enforcement, as President Trump has said, to “take up arms first, worry about due process later.”

The Congressional Budget Office predicted that federal debt will exceed gross domestic product next year and reach 195% of GDP by 2050! This report was released ahead of this week’s revelation that federal debt has reached record highs of $ 27 billion.

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This is the greatest threat to our national security, but it was not mentioned in the debate. This is not surprising because few in the political or media elite understand the debt crisis well enough to give it the attention it deserves. Although if Biden wins and Democrats take control of the Senate, Republicans will likely remember they are supposed to be against big spending and debt.

One critical area that could have led to an interesting trade was monetary policy. Biden called Trump’s tweets attacking the Fed as attacking Fed independence, as if the Fed was never immune to political pressure. President Trump has shifted from his support for a Fed audit, from his criticism of low interest rates and his support for the gold standard, to pushing the Fed to adopt the insane rate policy. zero interest

The debate is the latest proof that the two main parties alone will not restore our lost freedoms. Those who want to roll back the state of social warfare should avoid focusing on political parties or personalities. Instead, we need to focus on spreading the ideas of freedom among our fellow citizens and building a freedom movement that places the principles of freedom above partisanship.

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Continue to pray for our President and First Lady of America. We are not out of the woods yet.

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