Trump and GOP make desperate offer to keep Georgia red

On Sunday night, amid a wave of events to close the campaign, President Donald Trump will find himself in Rome, Georgia, as he plays defense to try not to lose a state that has not opted in for a Democrat in the presidential race since 1992.

And that Trump must spend the crucial last minutes of the campaign in what was once considered a reliable Red Georgia has not been lost on some Republicans elsewhere in the state like Larry Odum, the Republican chairman of Appling County. who told the Daily Beast worries me he has to come back so late.

“I would think our state would be stronger for Republicans than that,” said Odum, who is still convinced the state won’t go blue. “But there is a lot of money being shipped to Georgia to try to sway voters the other way.”

The presence of former President Barack Obama on the eve of the election makes things even smoother in the state. The fact that Obama is spending time on Monday campaigning in Georgia is just another sign that Democrats are trying to make a major play in the southern state which has not turned blue in a presidential race since Bill Clinton won it in 1992.

Obama’s visit boosts Democrat morale and energizes the grassroots at a pivotal moment in the state, said Fulton County Democratic President LeWanna Heard Tucker.

“And the fact that Trump and Pence and everyone are making these stops in Georgia tells us they’re scared,” Tucker said. “They’re throwing out everything they’ve got on it right now and it’s great. We will do our part to make sure that we get every vote and that every vote that has been cast is counted. “

Polls showed a close race in the state’s major races, including contests for its two seats in the US Senate currently under GOP control. And in the presidential competition, a Monmouth poll released on Wednesday showed Biden to lead registered voters in Georgia by five points and with a narrower lead in two different participation models.

In Floyd County, Georgia, where Trump will gather on Sunday, local GOP Chairman Luke Martin noted that Republicans and Democrats “wouldn’t spend the money to come here … if they didn’t think so. not that Georgia was at stake. ”

“It shows it’s at least possible, so that’s what it is,” Martin said. If Democrats manage to win the state’s 16 electoral votes, it could constitute a victory that could reduce Trump’s chances of re-election.

But Martin said he expected the president to visit their area. And as for Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is officially set to win a US House seat in this election, even after her campaign has been dominated by her ties to the baseless QAnon plot, Martin has said she “has put a lot of work into getting the president here.

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