Trump announced big summit on coronavirus vaccine but forgot to say key numbers

When the White House announced on Tuesday that President Donald Trump would host a summit to highlight the progress of a COVID-19 summit, it came as news to many stakeholders involved in the production process of vaccines.

According to three people familiar with the matter, including senior administration working on the federal government’s response to the coronavirus, key members of the White House coronavirus task force and senior representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. were not aware of the event before it became public.

The event, first reported by STAT News, is scheduled to take place at the White House on December 8. And it will likely include executives and representatives from the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and logistics industries. But the process by which it came together caught many off guard, once again pointing out that Trump’s White House is more concerned with the pomp and presentation of the COVID fight than the fight itself.

According to two other senior administration , the summit appears to have been planned at the last minute and was widely viewed by working on the administration’s vaccination efforts as a public relations show to allow the president to take credit for development and production. a COVID-19 . said they expected the event to be largely political, with representatives from each industry feeling obligated to take the time to thank the president for the development efforts he delegated to d ‘others, including those working with Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership aimed at speeding up deployment and the Centers for Disease and Prevention, which is leading the distribution campaign.

When asked if they would be required to attend the summit next week, a senior official working with the White House Coronavirus Task Force said: “I hope not.”

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