‘Trump ballots’ found in Oklahoma church garbage

A bag full of discarded “ ballots ” marked for President Donald Trump was found in the trash can of a church in Oklahoma, witnesses said.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, user Chase O’Shea claims he and a friend were cleaning up after a church wedding, which also serves as a polling place, when they made the suspicious discovery.

The video shared by a Twitter user claiming to be a friend of men has gone viral, totaling over 150,000 views at the time of writing.

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“I never post about politics, but if you know me you know I’m a big supporter of Trump,” O’Shea said on camera. “I want to show you what we found in the St. Anne’s trash can, which is a polling station.”

The other man clarified, “Now in the state of Oklahoma, it doesn’t matter because we’re all red.”

“However … in this trash we have ‘Donald Trump’,” he said, pointing to the names selected on the alleged ballots, which are torn.

The men identify at least eight marked ballots for President Trump and other Republican candidates, pointing to a plastic bag containing many other similar documents, which are also torn.

“We’ll say we found a ‘Biden’ ticket in there, which of course got mixed up,” said the first man. “It’s even happening in the guys from Oklahoma. I just wanted to show you this.

“This is absolute bullshit.”

The discovery comes amid a string of similar reports of voting irregularities, rejected ballots and other incidents of potential voter fraud pouring in from across the country.

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