Trump brags in presidential debate that coronavirus vaccine is ‘ready’, immediately recomposes

On the debate stage Thursday night, President Donald Trump went further than he had ever done in predicting the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, declaring that “it’s ready” and “it will be announced in a few weeks”.

His assessment goes against the consistent message of the president’s own public health officials, such as Dr Anthony Fauci, who said that a COVID-19 vaccine is unlikely to be widely available until 2021, and that the masks and social distancing measures likely will. up until later in the year.

Pressed on this by debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC, Trump said, “My timeline is going to be more specific. And asked if he offered a guarantee, Trump replied he was not – “but it will be by the end of the year.”

“It will be announced in a few weeks. And it’s going to be delivered, ”Trump said. “We have Operation Warp Speed, meaning the army is going to distribute the vaccine.”

This is not the first time Trump has offered an optimistic view of the vaccine development process, claiming at different times of the year that it would arrive in an unprecedented time frame. In particular, he pointed out that this would come before the 2020 election. Democrats, meanwhile, expressed concern that the Trump administration could rush a vaccine for political reasons, or announce one shortly before the elections in for political purposes.

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, responded to Trump by noting the president’s optimistic record on the pandemic that did not materialize, and said there was “no prospect” that there was have a vaccine for most Americans by mid-2021. .

“This is the same guy who told you it was going to end at Easter last time around,” Biden said, referring to Trump’s early insistence that the virus would just go away and wanted to see the benches full churches before Easter. “This is the same guy who told you don’t worry, we’re going to end this by the summer.” We are about to enter a dark winter. A dark winter.

Trump, despite his penchant for putting the pandemic in the best possible light, made another admission on Thursday: he said he had taken “full responsibility” for how he handled COVID-19. But he immediately reversed that too. “It’s not my fault he came here,” Trump said, immediately after accepting responsibility. “It’s China’s fault.”

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