Trump Camp runs ads defending conspiracy theorists

Donald Trump’s campaign released a new ad warning that former Vice President Joe Biden wants to “overturn” conspiracy theorists, an unusual defense of a segment of the population that would be avoided by nearly every other House.

The announcement, which aired online Sept. 29 and 30, according to a Google ad database, that conspiracy theorists are on Biden’s list of the targets to “cancel.”

“Joe Biden’s cancellation culture is getting out of hand,” the ad , through messages flashing on an old television. “Biden and the radical left want to quash the politically incorrect, the conspirators, the free thinkers, and after that, the political opposition.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

The ad portrays conspiracy theorists as one of Biden’s earliest targets, warning that once this effort is successful, Biden will continue to ‘cancel’ comedians, before moving on to canceling concepts as broad as ‘jobs’ , “Music” and “history”. As Biden’s alleged cancellation plan heats up, flames flicker on the television and lightning crackles in the background.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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