Trump campaign attacks Joe Biden for not having COVID-19

If you were wondering how Trump campaign might try to turn president’s -19 diagnosis into a positive for his re-election effort, clues began to emerge in an appearance on Fox News Monday morning by communications director Erin. Perrine.

Asked by Fox anchor Sandra Smith if President Trump will “change his message” and stop “downplaying” coronavirus in future now that he has treated it personally, Perrine touted importance of ” -hand experience ”.

-hand experience will always change way someone relates to something that is going on,” she says. “ president has coronavirus right now. He is fighting head-on, as hard as only President Trump can. And of course that will change way he talks about it because it will be a hand experience.

When Smith urged Perrine to explain why the pandemic took precedence over the economy and “law and order” in the Trump campaign message, the aide insisted he “had also talked about the coronavirus ”.

“He talked about it all,” she continued. “And listen, he’s got experience as a commander-in-chief, he’s got experience as a businessman, he’s got experience, now, in fighting the coronavirus as a ‘individual. These -hand experiences, Joe Biden, he doesn’t have them.

Combining the -19 contract with the president’s ‘job creation’ record and serving a commander-in-chief, Perrine concluded, “These first-hand experiences are what will give President Trump four years. Furthermore. So of course he talks about it differently now that he’s been through it.

His words seemed to echo those made by the president himself in a Walter Reed hospital video during the weekend. “It was a very interesting trip. I learned a lot about , ”Trump said. “I learned it by really going to school, it’s real school, it’s not ‘let’s read the book’ school, and I understand, and I understand it.

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